The RJ

1909 Grade 299

Ron and I go way back. He and my dad have been business partners (Oak Prairie Farms) for 35 years, which is most of my life. 

I was even the ring bearer in his wedding (and I did an ok job — no trips or disturbances that I recall 😉). 

I worked summers on the farm and one year had work pants with pockets so large I didn’t need a tool box. 

Ron nicknamed me “pockets” and still occasionally calls me that. Quite fitting that “pockets” grew up and started selling pocket watches. 

Of course Ron had to get one. And like all who end up with a South Bend on their wrist, he has impeccable taste. 

He chose this 1909 grade 299 with 17 jewels. The dial is gorgeous but I’m a sucker for the gilded text on the back, even if it hurts readability. 

Welcome to the club Ron and be sure to not wear this at work. 😉 
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