South Bend Watches of various numbers of jewels that have passed through our hands.

Jewels are used as supports at every point where wear or friction of the metal pinions in the watch might otherwise sooner disturb the adjustment.

In other words, the metal pinions run more perfectly, more smoothly and longer in jewel supports or sockets than in metal supports.

Therefore, the more Ruby and Sapphire jewels, the more expensive the watch and the better time keeper it should be, if otherwise perfectly made and adjusted.

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1906 South Bend Watch Grade 260 IMG_7502.jpeg

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1922 South Bend Watch Grade 209 IMG_2754.jpeg

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1917 South Bend Watch Grade 204 1D409BE8-6A9F-4EB2-BB9B-C56FAC798E32.jpeg

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1907 South Bend Watch Grade 290 IMG_7485.jpeg

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1925 South Bend Watch Grade 227 91652208-C558-4F78-9D6A-41491C465D93.JPG

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Every watch that we've got our hands on at one point or another filtered by years, grades, jewels and sizes.
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