All who now wear history on their wristory.
1910 Grade 204

The Todd

1910 South Bend Watch Grade 204 Todd Cramer

A few months ago Todd knew nothing about South Bend. He flew in to town to get to know the crew a...

1912 Grade 212

The Rex

1912 South Bend Watch Grade 212 E715FAD2-9183-4784-97DD-10AB91857B8C.jpeg

Rex came to me by way of Michael Yoder. Over the holidays he saw Michael’s watch and decided he n...

1905 Grade 291

The Dave

1905 South Bend Watch Grade 291 IMG_8094.jpeg

Dave didn't even know that we existed until he received this watch as a Christmas gift from his f...

1909 Grade 212

The Yoder

1909 South Bend Watch Grade 212 6FA2E9E7-47C3-4134-A409-94E675D9B995.JPG

Michael (better known as Yoder IRL and @michaelyoder81 on IG) is the founder of Truth Work Media ...

1912 Grade 229

The Corey

1912 South Bend Watch Grade 229 16CD2C29-A7C8-400A-ACE3-F5A91F8F5345.JPG

A "The Studebaker" that made a fantastic wedding anniversary present.

1910 Grade 212

The Luis

1910 South Bend Watch Grade 212 6943A223-BEBF-4C48-9AD6-95FD7DF73849.JPG

@barberluis_ is the owner of Beltran Barbershop, which is THE place to get a hair cut (or beard t...

1924 Grade 227

The Tim

1924 South Bend Watch Grade 227 46D91EE1-8CE8-4409-86CA-D8A7274CDCDC.jpeg

Tim has a great wife. So great in fact that she bought him this for their 1 year anniversary. Pre...

1908 Grade 290

The Orlando

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 290 Orlando and his classy 1908 roman numeral

Orlando Mendez stumbled on us and became obsessed. He devoured our Instagram and reached out vi...

1922 Grade 227

The Tyler

1922 South Bend Watch Grade 227 Tyler with his watch

Tyler is one of many visitors to the South Bend Watch cave who ended up late to the next event in...

1908 Grade 280

The Ryan

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 280 IMG_4068.jpeg

Ryan stopped in a few nights ago to check out the inventory (after seeing The Caleb) and left aft...

1925 Grade 227

The Real McCoy

1925 South Bend Watch Grade 227 91652208-C558-4F78-9D6A-41491C465D93.JPG

Kenneth is a fan of Studebaker's like we are of South Bends. When he saw the only Studebaker conv...

1913 Grade 217

The Kyle

1913 South Bend Watch Grade 217 E589F02F-CEFD-45E6-BF98-7418A07DAF98.JPG

@oconnorkyle owns the local marketing agency @alphadogagency.  He’s a transplant from somewhere ...

1919 Grade 219

The Mark

1919 South Bend Watch Grade 219 Mark with his gorgeous new watch

Truly one of a kind. Large, striking numerals with a unique typeface. Gold textured sunken area i...

1905 Grade 290

The Anthony

1905 South Bend Watch Grade 290 37736E41-C2C9-4628-9077-0F91D55C57CE.jpeg

A mechanical watch for a mechanical engineer. Chatting with Anthony about why he was interested i...

1909 Grade 299

The RJ

1909 South Bend Watch Grade 299 2BE86267-F576-430D-B186-40FA4F19C401.jpg

Ron and I go way back. He and my dad have been business partners (Oak Prairie Farms) for 35 years...

1908 Grade 280

The Murphy

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 280 Kyle

The world needs a little more detail. At least that’s what Kyle and I think.  Detail is what dre...

1908 Grade 280

The Jeff

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 280 C6D020D0-487B-4FE9-BB8A-D7F808144A03.JPG

Jeff is a fellow partner at Box Out Sports and an extremely nice human being.  He’s the kind of ...

1906 Grade 280

The Steve

1906 South Bend Watch Grade 280 3D846037-0FC7-4F28-B0C5-2BF8372DEF25.JPG

The latest to join the #southbendwatchfam — @orderedlist. This is a 1906 Model 1 I snagged onli...

1907 Grade 280

The Kory

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 280 IMG_8049.jpeg

Kory toured the South Bend Watch Cave™ with Orlando. He founded Transformation Ministries, where ...

1906 Grade 280

The Graham

1906 South Bend Watch Grade 280 IMG_3113.jpeg

Matt and I have known each other for a long time (22 years). I remember him explaining (in colle...

1908 Grade 280

The Wilk

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 280 D9D92065-FFFF-4719-8B7C-6B8EFB9089EA.JPG

From Ohio to South Bend, Chris followed the path of the South Bend watch company (just a hundred ...

1908 Grade 298

The Caleb

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 298 Caleb

Was it the history or peer pressure that stirred Caleb to purchase this beauty?  I’d guess a lit...

1909 Grade 204

The Ethan

1909 South Bend Watch Grade 204 2EE99195-2260-48D6-A68E-ADC86096CB57.JPG

I’ve had this fancy 1909 for a few months now. If you’ve been following along, you might even r...

1910 Grade 204

The John

1910 South Bend Watch Grade 204 Studebaker Two Ways

I'm one of the founders here and this is my favorite South Bend. It was completely revamped by Fr...

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