The Love

1907 Grade 280

This story has a lot of love in it. Literally.

It starts in the 1930's when Stephen Love's grandpa moved north (to South Bend) to make a better life for his family. Of the many lessons his grandfather taught him, one was to wear a watch (so he was on time).

I'm sure his grandpa couldn't have imagined the Apple Watch Stephen wore when he arrived to the Watch Cave™. But he would have found the 1907 beauty that Stephen left with very familiar.

Stephen grew up in South Bend, but eventually moved away. He had no intentions of coming back, but felt God's call  to his hometown. He answered that call and is now the pastor at Redemption City Church.

There's a lot of history with South Bend and the Love's. Mandy, his wife, knew this and organized an extremely special 40th birthday present for him from her and the men who've impacted Stephen's life. When he wears this watch, he'll always know how loved he is.

This was truly one of the most fun "reveals" I've been apart of with these timepieces. I'm pretty sure we all cried at one point that night. Granted it's a low hurdle to get tears in my eyes, but still, it was moving.

Stephen was another who came to me via Orlando
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