Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.
1907 Grade 280

The Kory

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 280 IMG_8049.jpeg

Kory toured the South Bend Watch Cave™ with Orlando. He founded Transformation Ministries, where ...

Hunting with 17 jewels

1907 Grade 290

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 290 IMG_7485.jpeg

Chipped and cracked dial. Someday we'll get this fixed up and ready for a wrist.

Openface with 15 jewels

1907 Grade 331

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 331 E02052DE-E73E-4597-88DC-C3332DE1793B.JPG

Opulent? Some would say so. But I think this is the best dial I’ve bought so far.  At 18s, it is...

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