Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.

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1907 Grade 280

The Jonathan

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 280 A0C19293-FD8C-4873-A983-253A235DC01D.jpg

Jerry came to me by way of Orlando. At this point I need to promote Orlando to sales but that’s a...

Openface with 15 jewels

1907 Grade 331

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 331 E02052DE-E73E-4597-88DC-C3332DE1793B.JPG

Opulent? Some would say so. But I think this is the best dial I’ve bought so far.  At 18s, it is...

1907 Grade 280

The Love

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 280 Proud new owner

This story has a lot of love in it. Literally. It starts in the 1930's when Stephen Love's gran...

1907 Grade 280

The Kory

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 280 IMG_8049.jpeg

Kory toured the South Bend Watch Cave™ with Orlando. He founded Transformation Ministries, where ...

Hunting with 17 jewels

1907 Grade 290

1907 South Bend Watch Grade 290 IMG_7485.jpeg

Chipped and cracked dial. Someday we'll get this fixed up and ready for a wrist.

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Every watch that we've got our hands on at one point or another filtered by years, grades, jewels and sizes.
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