The Jonathan

1907 Grade 280

Jerry came to me by way of Orlando. At this point I need to promote Orlando to sales but that’s another story…

Wait, Jerry? So why is it the Jonathan? Well, Jerry lost his little brother, Jonathan, which sucks. No other way to describe it. 

But then Jerry found Jonathan’s notebook with his goals. 

  1. Start a business. 
  2. Own property. 
  3. Pay off debt. 
  4. Create an app. 

Seeing these goals inspired Jerry to honor his brother by making them his own goals. He’s checking off #1 by starting a new business named JB Royal. In fact, the gothic R in Royal in the logo is a drawing from his brother’s notebook. 

The gothic typeface on the dial is what connected Jerry to this 1907 Grade 280. Every time he sees that gothic type on his wrist, he’ll remember his brother. 

It’s no longer a timepiece on his wrist, it’s a reminder. Not to be on time, but to go after his goals. 

Seriously, it was a pleasure getting to know this guy — hearing about his past and his plans for the future. 

Let’s gooooooooo Jerry!!! Get after those goals, but maybe take this beauty off before you go too hard because it is 100 years old after all. 

Also, Jerry checked off #2 as he and his wife just bought a second home to support JB Royal and other ministry related activities! Congrats!
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