A pocket partner you'll rejoice in

A pocket partner you'll rejoice in advertisement
A pocket partner you'll rejoice in advertisement

Look for the Watch with the Purple Ribbon.

The South Bend Watch shown here combines the aristocratic elegance of extreme thinness with an on-the-dot time-keeping ability. It must give good time -- for it has passed the most rigid inspection and thorough testing at the factory.

Built to meet your requirements -a life-time of accurate time-keeping. Made in various styles -- $16.00 to $100.00. All movements and cases fully guaranteed.

See Your Dealer

He has or can get South Bend Watches.

Send for 68-page Catalog

Illustrated in color, showing the new "Chesterfield" series, the Studebaker Railroad grades, the Ladies Dainty models and others.

South Bend Watch Co.
811 Studebaker Street
South Bend. Ind.


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