One of the Four Great Achievements in Watchmaking

One of the Four Great Achievements in Watchmaking
One of the Four Great Achievements in Watchmaking

From the beginning of time men have striven to produce accurate time-telling devices. The water clock, the sun dial and other ancient devices gave way to the pocket watch -- And since the invention of this wonderful piece of mechanism four great achievements have been made. The greatest of these is the wonderful compensating balance wheel and the accurate adjustments of the South Bend Watch, which have been perfected to such an extent that actually freezing a South Bend Watch in solid ice does not affect its timekeeping in the slightest degree.

Every adjusted South Bend Watch must run alternately in an electric furnace and an ice box with barely a second's variation.

It must run seven hundred hours continuously and accurately under every conceivable condition --

It must pass four hundred and eleven separate and distinct inspections --

And not until the four hundred and eleventh O. K. has been stamped upon the tag is it ready for you.

As further protection to you it is guaranteed absolutely to give accurate service.

The South Bend Watch is sold through retail jewelers exclusively -- 

We will not sell them through any other channels because only a reliable jeweler is capable of adjusting a South Bend Watch to your personality, and this is essential to good timekeeping service.

When you buy your watch ask to see the Double-Roller South Bend Watch. It is as much better than a single-roller as a four-cylinder automobile is better than a one-cylinder. Before buying it will be to your interest to drop us a card and receive some valuable information concerning the Double-Roller South Bend Watch.

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