A Railroat Watch That Fairly Shot Into Fame

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-- a "South Bend" Watch, the Latest Railroad Model, Call "The Studebaker"

Here is the watch which is making the most wonderful timekeeping records in the world.

Railroad inspectors, who inspect ten makes of watches every fifteen days for the great railroad companies, are constantly giving the Studebakers perfect scores.

No movement ever before produced is standing up under the watch tests like this watch. You ought to have your dealer show it to you before you buy one of any other make.

250 Inspections

A "South Bend**-Watch sells for a higher price than ordinary watches for the simple reason that it costs more to make.

When you buy a "South Bend" Watch you are getting a watch to be proud of -- a businesslike, prompt, accurate, reliable watch of beautiful appearance and one that will last for years to be handed down -- a perfect watch -- to your grandchildren.

Any other kind of a watch isn't worth the money, no matter how little you pay for it.

Every "South Bend" Watch must achieve a standard of excellence that often has kept watches in our factory under adjustment and regulation a full year before they were equal to the final test. Six months, sometimes, are spent in this adjustment and regulation.

It takes six months just to make a "South Bend" Watch exclusive fall regulation, for there are more than fifteen thousand distinct operations in its manufacture.

In the course of construction the watch is given 250 inspections, mostly under a double magnifying glass, before we are satisfied with it.

So accurately must a " South Bend* Watch be put together, piece by piece, that it will run, even before its final adjustments, without a hairspring.

1,200 watches must run on our testing rack together for six days without a single variation before they are ready to go to the jewelers. But that isn't all.

The retail jeweler makes probably the most important adjustment and regulation of all.

What "Adiustment to Your Personality"' Means

When you buy a watch -- even a "South Bend," upon which maybe six months have been spent in adjustment and regulation -- you must have it adjusted to your own person for the peculiarities of your movements -- your very way of living -- affect a good watch. 

If you lean over a great deal or travel most of the time or own an automobile, your watch will run differently. A watch has a tendency to run faster when lying flat on a table than when upright in a watch pocket.

It runs differently when jolted than when carried smoothly.

In buying a "South Bend" Watch from an authorized "South Bend" dealer you can have your watch adjusted so that it will keep perfect time for you, while it might run steadily fast for another man and steadily slow for still another.

A mail-order watch, which probably has not had such sensitive and accurate factory adjustment, isn't even capable of the delicate jeweler's adjustment that a "South Bend" Watch gets, hence never is a really accurate watch.

These are a few reasons why the "South Bend" costs more to make than any other watch, but they are also the reasons why the "South Bend" is the most satisfactory watch.

Let an authorized "South Bend" dealer, of which there are 14,629, tell you more about this" personal adjustment" and show you this new railroad watch.

Write us for our highly interesting free book "How Good Watches Are Made." You'll read every word of this book.

The "Polaris"

Another "South Bend " Watch. Price $7500. Guaranteed for Life

The "South Bend" Watch, "Polaris" movement, is the highest grade timepiece we know of. The accuracy adjustment and care of assembling assure it as a timepiece that will sive satisfactory service for life. We guarantee such a service and give with every "Polaris" movement a guarantee card agreeing to repair or adjust the movement at any time, without cost, providing the necessity for repairs is caused by defective material or factory faults.

The price is S75. It as furnished in solid gold case of plain or beautifully chased design. It is all in appearance and quality that is possible to put into the highest grade, highest priced movement made. It is worth while to buy a good watch as a suitable article to be given as a present to a friend.

Other "South Bend" Watches can be had complete from $30 and up. Most jewelers can show you this perfect timepiece. 

Perfect Time All the Time

Frozen in solid ice, keeps perfect time.

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