Frozen in Solid Ice They Still Keep Perfect Time

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In almost every city, town and village in all this broad land, there is a jeweler, the best jeweler in each community -- proving by actual demonstration during the week November 16 to 21 that a South Bend Watch may be frozen in solid ice without injuring its timekeeping qualities in the slightest degree.

Go to that jeweler and see this test. Satisfy yourself that it is honest and above board, that a SOUTH BEND watch can actually be frozen in ice without injury.

Compare the second for second time the watch in frozen ice is keeping, with the jeweler's regulator and chronometer and the other SOUTH BEND Movements the jeweler carries.

Then go to that jeweler and let him explain to you, as he will gladly do, how SOUTH BEND watches adjust themselves automatically to every temperature, why they stand strains and tests which other makes of watches you can buy may not stand successfully. Let him tell you why, because of this superior care in manufacture and adjustment, a SOUTH BEND watch is the best watch for you to buy for every day use, the watch that will give you the greatest amount of timekeeping service for your money.

No matter whether you are ready to buy now or not, go to the jeweler now, see this marvelous test and talk the matter over with him. There is no obligation to purchase. He will be glad to see you.

Your jeweler will tell you how every adjusted SOUTH BEND watch is proven before it is sent to him. How it must undergo, without failure in the slightest degree, tests that are twice as severe as the worst strain or abuse you are every likely to give it. How it is baked in an oven and kept for hours in a refrigerator at freezing point, how it is adjusted to meet every jar and jolt you will give it and be proof against the vibration of railway trains, the jolts of horseback riding, automobiling, etc.

He will tell you how and why the SOUTH BEND Watch Company, at an expense of time and money which no other watch maker cares to make, pays the best jeweler in each community to properly adjust each SOUTH BEND watch to the individual who is to carry it, and show you why the watch that keeps perfect time in your pocket cannot be depended upon to keep time in another man's pocket. The highest grade, most costly watch made will fail as a timekeeper unless it is adjusted to meet the individual requirements of the person carrying it. You cannot make this adjustment yourself. Only a skilled watchmaker can do that. A variation of one hundred thousandth part in the vibration of the balance wheel makes a difference of one second per day; a difference of one one-thousandth part in the vibration means a gain or loss of a minute and a. half a day, and a watch which varies that much is useless as a good timekeeper. Your jeweler will tell you that no extra charge is made for this service. The manufacturer will not allow a SOUTH BEND watch to be sold in any other manner. 

Your jeweler will gladly show you this beautiful modern watch.

See the watch frozen in ice next week. If your jeweler is not our representative, send us his name and we will take the matter up with him personally.

Cut out the coupon and mail it today, and we will send you, free, our handsome book, "How Good Watches Are Made," and a little device showing how a SOUTH BEND watch adjusts itself to every temperature.

South Bend Watch Co.,
South Bend, Ind.

Send me a copy of your booklet and device showing how SOUTH BEND watches adjust themselves to heat and cold. The address of my jeweler is ____.

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