Buy a Studebaker Direct from the Maker

Buy a Studebaker Direct from Maker Ad - Blue color text.
Buy a Studebaker Direct from Maker Ad - Blue color text.

Only $1.00 Down!

Just $1.00! The balance in easy monthly payments. You get the famous Studebaker, 21 Jewel Watch -- Insured for a lifetime -- direct from the maker at lowest prices ever named on equal quality. Send at once for FREE Book of Advance Watch Styles.

21 Jewel Studebaker - the Insured Watch

Choice of 60 latest, thin model, Art Beauty Cases in yellow gold, green gold or white gold; 8 adjustments, including heat, cold and isochronism and 5 positions. Direct to you from the factory -- the greatest watch value in America today!

Write for Style Book!

Send at once and get a copy of this book -- FREE! See the newest, beautiful, advance styles in Studebaker Art Beauty Cases and Dials. Read how you can buy a 21 Jewel Studebaker Insured Watch direct from the maker -- save big money -- and pay for it while you are using it. Write for our Free Book. It will post you on watch styles and watch values. Send coupon at once. Get Free Chain offer today while it lasts.

South Bend, Indiana
Canadian Address: Windsor, Ontario

Mail Coupon for Free Book

Please send me your Free Book of Advance Watch Styles and particulars of your $1.00 down offer.

Ladies' Bracelet Watches

Handome new designs and shapes in Solid Gold Cases -- excellent timekeepers. Easy payments. Write for Special Offer.

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