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Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.

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Openface with 17 jewels

1911 Grade 217

1911 South Bend Watch Grade 217 IMG_7497.jpeg

Missing dial and hands. Someday we'll get this fixed up and ready to go.

Openface with 17 jewels

1913 Grade 217

1913 South Bend Watch Grade 217 Cracked and chipped dial

Will need a new dial. This one has many chips and cracks. This is a good running movement with be...

1913 Grade 217

The Kyle

1913 South Bend Watch Grade 217 E589F02F-CEFD-45E6-BF98-7418A07DAF98.JPG

@oconnorkyle owns the local marketing agency @alphadogagency.  He’s a transplant from somewhere ...

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Every watch that we've got our hands on at one point or another filtered by years, grades, jewels and sizes.
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