21 Jewels

Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.
Openface with 21 jewels

1926 Grade

1926 South Bend Watch IMG_7585.jpeg

Another 12s in John's personal collection. Big fans of the numerals and hands on this one.

1922 Grade 227

The Tyler

1922 South Bend Watch Grade 227 Tyler with his watch

Tyler is one of many visitors to the South Bend Watch cave who ended up late to the next event in...

Openface with 21 jewels

1909 Grade 229

1909 South Bend Watch Grade 229 Montgomery Dial on a The Studebaker


Perhaps one of our favorite dials is the Montgomery. That combined with a The Studebaker movement...

Openface with 21 jewels

1928 Grade

1928 South Bend Watch IMG_7465.jpeg

Love this dial but it is crown set and doesn't seem to like the wrist cases. I'll keep trying tho...

1912 Grade 229

The Corey

1912 South Bend Watch Grade 229 16CD2C29-A7C8-400A-ACE3-F5A91F8F5345.JPG

A "The Studebaker" that made a fantastic wedding anniversary present.

Openface with 21 jewels

1922 Grade 227

1922 South Bend Watch Grade 227 IMG_7473.jpeg

Contact for Price

Off white dial with huge bold numerals. Quite the looker. Not converted yet, but can easily be pu...

Openface with 21 jewels

1925 Grade

1925 South Bend Watch image.jpg

This is a 12s in a wrist case. We bought it simply so we'd have a case that fit 12s South Bends. ...

1925 Grade 227

The Real McCoy

1925 South Bend Watch Grade 227 91652208-C558-4F78-9D6A-41491C465D93.JPG

Kenneth is a fan of Studebaker's like we are of South Bends. When he saw the only Studebaker conv...

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