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Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.

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1910 Grade 204

The Todd

1910 South Bend Watch Grade 204 Todd Cramer

A few months ago Todd knew nothing about South Bend. He flew in to town to get to know the crew a...

1909 Grade 204

The Ethan

1909 South Bend Watch Grade 204 2EE99195-2260-48D6-A68E-ADC86096CB57.JPG

I’ve had this fancy 1909 for a few months now. If you’ve been following along, you might even r...

Hunting with 15 jewels

1910 Grade 204

1910 South Bend Watch Grade 204 IMG_7491.jpeg

Needs service, but what a beautiful and unique dial. Once I get it running well I'll convert it t...

1910 Grade 204

The John

1910 South Bend Watch Grade 204 Studebaker Two Ways

I'm one of the founders here and this is my favorite South Bend. It was completely revamped by Fr...

Hunting with 15 jewels

1911 Grade 204

1911 South Bend Watch Grade 204 The Front

Beautiful fancy dial with gold hands. Freshly serviced and keeping nearly perfect time. The movem...

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Every watch that we've got our hands on at one point or another filtered by years, grades, jewels and sizes.
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