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Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.

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Openface with 19 jewels

1920 Grade 429

1920 South Bend Watch Grade 429 Front View

This is a gorgeous conversion completed by my new friends at Vortic. They loved how passionate I ...

Openface with 19 jewels

1921 Grade 429

1921 South Bend Watch Grade 429 IMG_7582.jpeg

Breguet hands. Gold numerals. Just gorgeous. John will be keeping this in his personal collection...

Openface with 21 jewels

1926 Grade

1926 South Bend Watch Front View

Winds and runs great. Heavily modded stunner. This is definitely a custom dial by whoever convert...

Openface with 19 jewels

1914 Grade 429

1914 South Bend Watch Grade 429 IMG_2614.jpeg

Vibrant and gorgeous gold dial on this 12s. John's kept it as a pocket watch for his personal col...

1918 Grade 407

Wilk, the 2nd

1918 South Bend Watch Grade 407 IMG_8134.jpeg

Chris Wilkinson, owner of The Wilk, told me of this flat top 8 dial he's seen. He asked me to kee...

Openface with 21 jewels

1926 Grade

1926 South Bend Watch IMG_7585.jpeg

Another 12s in John's personal collection. Big fans of the numerals and hands on this one.

Openface with 21 jewels

1925 Grade

1925 South Bend Watch image.jpg

This is a 12s in a wrist case. I bought it simply so I'd have a case that fit 12s South Bends. 12...

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