Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.

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Hunting with 17 jewels

1905 Grade 290

1905 South Bend Watch Grade 290 Chipped dial

Chipped dial that will need swapped. Someday we'll get this fixed up and ready for a wrist.

1905 Grade 290

The Anthony

1905 South Bend Watch Grade 290 37736E41-C2C9-4628-9077-0F91D55C57CE.jpeg

A mechanical watch for a mechanical engineer. Chatting with Anthony about why he was interested i...

1905 Grade 291

The Dave

1905 South Bend Watch Grade 291 IMG_8094.jpeg

Dave didn't even know that we existed until he received this watch as a Christmas gift from his f...

All Watches

Every watch that we've got our hands on at one point or another filtered by years, grades, jewels and sizes.
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