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Watches by the South Bend Watch Company that have went through our hands.

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1908 Grade 298

The Caleb

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 298 Caleb

Was it the history or peer pressure that stirred Caleb to purchase this beauty?  I’d guess a lit...

1910 Grade 212

The Luis

1910 South Bend Watch Grade 212 6943A223-BEBF-4C48-9AD6-95FD7DF73849.JPG

@barberluis_ is the owner of Beltran Barbershop, which is THE place to get a hair cut (or beard t...

1913 Grade 217

The Kyle

1913 South Bend Watch Grade 217 E589F02F-CEFD-45E6-BF98-7418A07DAF98.JPG

@oconnorkyle owns the local marketing agency @alphadogagency.  He’s a transplant from somewhere ...

1908 Grade 290

The Ukraine Skeleton

1908 South Bend Watch Grade 290 Front

In December 2021, I bought this 100+ year old watch. Originally, it was a pocket watch created by...

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Every watch that we've got our hands on at one point or another filtered by years, grades, jewels and sizes.
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